Sonoma County Office of Education

COVID-19 School Announcements

COVID-19 School Announcements

Spring 2021 School Reopening Status

SCOE is working closely with school districts and the county health department to help schools as they reopen for in-person learning this spring. Each school district has the most up-to-date information on their reopening plans. Please contact your district for specific questions. Following are resources to learn more about individual school reopening plans:

Planning for the Fall

Most schools and districts in California and Sonoma County are planning for a full-time, in-person reopening in the Fall of 2021. This follows guidance from state and local health experts, who have said to plan for in-person learning if vaccination rates are high and the virus remains contained. This guidance provides the clarity and assurance schools need to begin planning now for a successful fall return to full-time, in-person learning.

Updated guidance from the California Department of Public Health is expected in June or July that will help schools understand what precautions, such as masking, might still be in place. Using this guidance, each school board will decide exactly what school will look like in the fall, in consultation with staff, families, and students. If you have specific questions about your school's reopening plans, please contact them directly.

Over the summer, SCOE will work closely with local school leaders and teachers to prepare them for a return to full-time in-person instruction that is focused on reconnection to the classroom, restoring a joy of learning, and addressing unmet emotional and academic needs so that students can thrive. SCOE will also continue working with the county health department in the implementation of the state's updated school reopening guidelines.