Sonoma County Office of Education

Employee Spotlight: Diane Perkiss

10/22/2021 - Diane_Perkiss

Diane Perkiss

Years at SCOE:
21 years

Job Title:
Human Resource Analyst

How do you describe your job to people outside SCOE?
My job duties include reconciling all daily absences for all of SCOE’s employees; managing all leaves of absences an employee may need to take. I also handle all things “health benefits”, from enrolling, changing, correcting, and/or terminating employees benefits.

Where did you grow up?
I was born in Redding, California; lived and grew up in the same house in Anderson, until I graduated high school.

Who was your favorite childhood teacher and why?
I had many great teachers I remember fondly; however, I would have to say my sixth and seventh grade teachers really stand out. They were always positive and seemed to enjoy teaching. Their positive encouragement and the individual attention to their student’s needs were extremely helpful in fostering a desire to learn.

What is your favorite thing about SCOE?
My fellow coworkers and being able to experience such positive support, encouragement and sense of community, despite what many have been through these past four years and/or are currently going through.

What is one of your most memorable moments as a SCOE employee?
Having the wonderful opportunity to help with the STEAM events at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds and attending the Museum of Tolerance and participate in Tools for Tolerance® for Educators..

Outside of work, what is your favorite hobby or way to unwind?
I love to spend time with my family, taking a hike on local trails during nice weather. When forced to stay in, I enjoy baking, crocheting and reading.

What is your favorite place in Sonoma County?
Tough to answer…. So many wonderful places. I live very near Foothills Regional Park in Windsor. My husband and I, along with our two dogs, spend a lot of time hiking the trails.

What might people be surprised to learn about you?
I am a huge DIY’er (this may not be a real word..). I have watched many “How to” YouTube videos on how to build, repair and/or fix various things. With the help of these videos, I have installed Turf lawns in our back and front yard, laid over 1,500 bricks in our backyard and went to Pick and Pull and did major auto mechanic work on our 2005 Toyota Prius.