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Ethnic Studies and Equity

Ethnic Studies and Equity

SCOE strongly supports state, county, and school district efforts promote racial justice, confront bias, and foster tolerance. We are committed to collaborating with and amplifying the efforts of the California Department of Education (CDE) and local school districts. 

As a starting point, this page offers resources carefully curated by a group of equity-minded mental health professionals and educators who work for the Sonoma County Office of Education. We invite your thoughts on how schools can help build a more tolerant, just society here in Sonoma County. Please send them to


  • To work in partnership to support district and region workshops around the development and implementation of Ethnic Studies courses that reflect each districts/sites local history and demographic
  • To create opportunities for educators to engage in authentic development of courses that honors the diverse cultures of their district. sites, county, and state.
  • To ensure sites have courses that reflect and are influenced by their student and stakeholder populations contributions.
  • Educator and community PD’s/ Workshops/Events
  • Partner Collabs
  • Meeting funding deadlines


  • Educator and community PD’s/ Workshops
  • Opportunities for SCOE to be a resource for Educators and the community
  • Honor our country's cultures via our website during monthly recognitions
  • Support - SoCo Rising (with focus on student-led panels)

Ethnic Studies Implementation Tool Kit

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