Sonoma County Office of Education

Expired Credentials


What to do and how to avoid an expired credential:

  • Make sure your district has a practice of checking credential expiration dates and sending reminders to employees.
  • If a teacher has an expired credential, a substitute will be required to cover the class/assignment. If you do not hire a substitute teacher, your district ADA will not count. This means that your district will not receive funding from the State or your district will be invoiced by the CDE for the ADA generated by the students taught by a teacher with an expired credential.
  • If you choose to hold a teacher’s and/or administrator’s paycheck, you must have given the teacher and/or administrator at least two (2) written notifications signed by the district superintendent of the district’s intent to withhold the employee’s paycheck.
  • Districts should not assume that SCOE will withhold the employee’s paycheck.
  • The SCOE Business Office will not withhold a teacher’s or administrator’s paycheck based on a verbal request from the district. SCOE must have a written request from the district superintendent showing proof of two (2) or more written notifications to the employee requesting that the employee obtain the appropriate credential.

Thank You for your support in confirming that your district’s teachers and administrators have the appropriate credentials.

Amie Carter, Sonoma County Superintendent
"The mission of the Sonoma County Office of Education is to foster student success through service to schools, students, and the community." - Amie Carter, Sonoma County Superintendent