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Foster Youth Data
Foster youth data on enrollment, test performance, and more is available at the California Department of Education's Dataquest website. This Foster Youth Fact Sheet (pdf) explains how foster youth are doing in Sonoma County and some measures SCOE is taking to encourage Foster Youth success and help school districts.

Foster Youth Transportation Interagency Agreement
This MOU provides an agreement for Foster Youth transportation services between the Sonoma County Family, Youth, and and Children's Services Division and school districts.
Foster Youth Transportation MOU

AB 167 / 216 Graduation
The Alliance for Children’s Rights provides this overview of the laws related to High School Graduation for Foster Youth (pdf). An eligibility and credit checklist is included.

Foster Children Give-a-Gift Program, from SCMAAF
The Sonoma County Medical Association Alliance and Foundation (SCMAAF) established the Give-a-Gift Program to help improve the quality of life for youth in the foster care system. The program focuses on two key areas: providing foster children with holiday gifts and supporting college-bound foster youth with laptop computers.

ect them. The Toolkit provides comprehensive information on the education rights of foster youth along with step-by-step procedures and easy-to-use implementation tools to help districts engage in best practices for foster youth education.

Foster Youth Education Law and LCFF Provisions
The fact sheets and LCFF informational guides from the California Foster Youth Education Task Force explain the provisions for foster youth that are included in California law and the Local Control Funding Formula.

California Foster Care Education Law Fact Sheets, Fifth Edition (pdf)
LCFF Provisions: Overview (pdf)
LCFF Provisions: Role for School Districts (pdf)
LCFF Provisions: Next Steps for School Districts (pdf)
LCFF Provisions: Next Steps for State Agencies (pdf)

School Selection for Out-of-Home Youth
In this document, Best Practices: School Selection for Students in Out-of-Home Care (pdf), the Legal Center for Foster Care and Education and the National Center for Homeless Education provide a framework for selecting a school for students in out-of-home care. A checklist for decision-making is included.

VOICES Sonoma exists to provide a supportive, safe, and non-judgmental community where transition-aged youth from all systems of care can utilize peer-based resources, feel connected, and build a foundation for their futures. Since opening in April 2008, VOICES has developed four programs to meet the needs of youth in the areas of health and wellness, employment and education, independent living, and housing services.

Amie Carter, Sonoma County Superintendent
"The mission of the Sonoma County Office of Education is to foster student success through service to schools, students, and the community." - Amie Carter, Sonoma County Superintendent