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Web-Based Resources for Curricular Apps

Web-Based Resources for
Finding and Evaluating Curricular Apps

These resources are among many suggested by Maureen Melonis, from the University of Colorado, in her booklet Way Cool ‘App’tivities for Education.

Apple’s Education Site | Link
This Apple website summarizes some of their favorite apps for education. It is organized by categories such as English/language arts, math, science, history and geography, language development, art/music/creativity, reference, productivity and collaborations, and accessibility.

Quixey | Link
This website offers a powerful search engine to search for apps by category. The site developers work with manufacturers, carriers, search engines, and platforms to build app search solutions.

App Annie | Link
This site provides information on thousands of iOS apps offering categories (books, education, games, business, health and fitness, news), popularity by country, and rankings. | Link
I Education Apps Review is a community of over 500 educators, administrators, and app developers. They evaluate apps for the overall educational value and how they may or may not make a difference in the classroom. Categorized by subject.

iPad Academy | Link
This website contains recommended apps and implementation ideas for education (including higher education). It includes numerous tips and tricks.

KinderTown | Link
This free app is available for download in the app store and specializes in evaluating apps for children 3-6 years of age. It asserts that chosen apps have been reviewed by parents, educators, and children and have passed a set of established standards. They also offer to review apps from new developers.

Moms with Apps | Link
A group of developers (all moms) share apps that they or their partners have developed that they consider family friendly. They indicate that their goal is to help families and educators locate apps that target children’s needs. They organize apps by category/subject areas and age groups, learning focus, developer, Apple’s Picks, etc. They also have a Facebook page that allows users to follow their updates.

Apps for Children with Special Needs | Link
This website offers a searchable source for special education apps. It demonstrates app use through videotapes of the app being used. It typically shows the different options for the app as well as a demonstration of the app. The website also includes personal stories and photos from families of how they use the iPad with their children with special needs. The website indicates that the goal is to produce videos with an independent perspective to demonstrate from a user perspective that products really work.

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