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iPad PDF Guides

This link goes to the Apple website, where you’ll find PDF guides for all iPad models.

Apple’s Overview of the iPad for Education

Apple’s marketing page for the iPad in Education includes an overview offering information about apps, textbooks, iTunes U, and accessibility.

Apple iPad: Everything You Need to Know This article from Gizmodo that offers technical perspective on the iPad.
Tutorials from "How-to Geek" "How-to Geek" offers this complete list of tips and tricks.
Find My iPad Learn how to setup Find My iPad.
VGA Adaptor An adaptor can be attached to an iPad’s dock that allows the screen to be mirrored through an LCD projector. (Note that this option is more limited on the first version of the iPad.)


Sample Student iPad Use Policy As schools look at extending use of iPads to students, here is a collection of student use policies.

Updated August 2012

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