Sonoma County Office of Education

Coaching for Administrators

SCOE provides one-on-one coaching support for principals that is relevant to their immediate needs and respectful of the demands already being made on their time and energy. This coaching program is completely voluntary and designed as a proficiency, not a deficiency, model. Coaches are highly experienced former principals or superintendents who possess strong coaching skills and can provide accessible on-site, real-time support for new administrators. They are trained in coaching models, protocols, and methods to ensure that the services they provide meet the individual needs of the principal.

Key Components & Expectations

  • The district superintendent must support the principal’s participation.
  • Coaches and principals meet to establish goals and areas of focus for the year.
  • Coaches meet with principals at the school site on a regular basis for individualized coaching conversations and planning. Coaches are available by phone and email between meetings.
  • Coaches provide authentic opportunities for assistance. This may include assistance in areas such as conducting teacher observations and conferences, facilitating staff meetings, interpreting data, managing budgets, etc.
  • Coaches may assist principals in locating model programs, best practices, consultant services, and other resources that relate to identified goals.
  • Coaches and principals participate in an assessment of the effectiveness and value of the coaching experience as a means to refine and improve the program for future participants.


Questions may be directed to:

  • Dr. Rani Goyal, Director, North Coast School of Education
    (707) 524-2847,
  • Kelley Dillon, Assistant Superintendent
    (707) 524-2786,