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RAAFA Video Archive

RAAFA Video Archive

Redwood Area Algebra For All (RAAFA) was a California Math Science Partnership project administered by the California Math Project: North Coast, Sonoma County Office of Education, and Sonoma State University. The project utilized technology-based strategies like podcasts and Internet-accessible video clips to extend teacher expertise. Here are some of the resources developed during the three-year project, which concluded in 2008.

Student Interview

Student Interview, Division of Fractions | Feb 2008This is part of a student interview series conducted prior to planning a lesson on the division of fractions.



Lesson, Division of Fractions | Feb 2008Here is one portion of the five-day lesson developed to meet the needs uncovered during student interviews.


Animation, Parts of a Cube – This simple animation front-loads terms critical to understanding the concept of volume for English learners

Interview, Promoting Discourse – Edith Prentice Mendez, PhD, examines how promoting discourse can impact student learning

Lesson, Geometric Figures – Fourth-graders in a bilingual classroom are shown talking about shapes

Presentation, Observing for Evidence – Dr. Patrick Callahan provides a structure for identifying evidence of mathematics thinking

Scaffolding, Whole to Parts, Parts to Whole – This clip introduces English learners to the vocabulary of “part-whole” relationships

Student Discussion, Perimeter – Bilingual grade 6-8 students describe patterns they’ve observed in rectangles with the same area but different perimeters

Student Discussion, Perimeter – Two ninth-graders contradict our expectation that the key challenge for bilingual students is to learn mathematics vocabulary

Student Interview, Discussing Math – This interview illustrates how second-language learners learn and talk about mathematics

Student Interview, Fractions 1 – A student discusses whether shapes have to be congruent to have equal areas

Student Interview, Fractions 4 – This interview shows the difference between a teacher’s assumptions and what students actually understand

Student Interview, Paper Folding Lesson – A fifth-grade student shows how mathematics is embedded in paper-folding activities

RAAFA Audio Archive

Available as zipped mp3 files for download

Reading, Beyond Words: This chapter from Assessing Mathematical Proficiency by Judit Moschkovich raises questions about assessments for English learners

Reading, Facilitating English Learner Participation: This article reviews findings on strategies for engaging English learners in mathematics learning

Reading, Two Types of Reflection: In this excerpt from Process Reflection in Pre-Service Lesson Study, Thomas Ricks divides reflection into two categories

Reading, A World of Difference: This article suggests that educators focus on ensuring that students solve challenging mathematical problems

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