Sonoma County Office of Education


California Math Project: North Coast
c/o Sonoma County Office of Education
5340 Skylane Boulevard
Santa Rosa, CA 95403-8246

Project Staff

Doreen Heath Lance
Project Director
(707) 524-2853

Ben Ford
Faculty Advisor and Principal Investigator
(707) 664-2472

Joan Easterday
Lesson Study Coordinator
(707) 542-2853


Questions may be directed to:

  • Joan Easterday, Consultant, Math Project
    (707) 524-2853,
  • Doreen Heath Lance, Consultant, Math Project
    (707) 524-2853,
Lisa Wittke Schaffner, Board President
"I am proud to serve Sonoma County as President of the Sonoma County Board of Education in 2020. The Board of Education sets policy for its alternative education program, serves in an oversight role for SCOE, and supports our educational agenda. We believe every student has a unique set of abilities, potential, and needs. Our board compliments the work and innovation of SCOE, and serves as an educational partner for the Sonoma County community." - Lisa Wittke Schaffner, Board President