Sonoma County Office of Education

Superintendent-elect Seeks Further Dialogue on Equity Initiatives

12/27/2022 -

Sonoma County Superintendent of Schools-elect Dr. Amie R. Carter has decided not to appoint Dr. Adrian Palazuelos as a deputy superintendent overseeing equity initiatives.

Carter and Palazuelos tentatively discussed his short-term employment in early December when Carter learned that Palazuelos was leaving his position as Sonoma Valley Unified’s superintendent. Carter publicly shared that she was considering employing Palazuelos once she was sworn in as county superintendent in January.

“Since the announcement of our tentative agreement with Dr. Palazuelos, I have heard from many passionate voices in Sonoma County who feel they cannot work with Sonoma Valley Unified’s former superintendent to accomplish key equity goals,” Carter said. “Creating equitable outcomes for all our students is too important a goal for it to be sidetracked by ill will or mistrust surrounding Dr. Palazuelos’ separation from his former district.”

“I wish Dr. Palazuelos success as he seeks to move forward from his time in the Sonoma Valley.”

Carter said she hopes that the reaction to Palazuelos’ potential appointment does not divert attention from one of our schools’ most pressing needs: equal opportunity for all students.

“As part of my 90-day plan, I want to build a community of people who are invested in the hard work of achieving equitable outcomes for students,” Carter said. “This advisory group will have a voice in future partnerships and aid me more deeply in understanding the needs of our students, families, and school staffs. Recent student achievement data shows there is much work to do, and we must address these issues head-on with unity and urgency.”

“I hope to continue to hear from many of those passionate voices who have reached out over the past two weeks.”