Sonoma County Office of Education

SCOE Trustee Gina Cuclis Becomes President of the California County Boards of Education

01/31/2023 -

Sonoma County Board of Education Area One Trustee Gina Cuclis has assumed a statewide school board leadership position as the president of the California County Boards of Education (CCBE) for 2023.

CCBE, a section of the California School Boards Association, represents and provides services to California’s 58 county boards of education to enable them to help every student succeed. County boards of education work in collaboration with their county superintendents governing California’s county offices of education. As CCBE President, Cuclis also serves on the California School Boards Association Board of Directors.

One of Cuclis’ priorities is to provide tools and training to help empower county board members to step into their unique leadership and governance roles. She also has prioritized increasing CCBE member engagement in the organization via event attendance and participation on committees. Cuclis is also moving forward CCBE’s legislative priority to create more equitable and sustainable funding for juvenile court and alternative education community schools operated by county offices of education.

“County boards of education’s responsibilities are very different from what school district boards do,” Cuclis said. “We have unique professional development and advocacy needs. I’m honored to be in a position to help them as we work together serving California’s public school students.”

Cuclis, who represents the Sonoma Valley, Oakmont, and east Santa Rosa, was first elected to the Sonoma County Board of Education in November 2012.