Sonoma County Office of Education

New SCOE Website: Updated look & features

01/24/2015 - Today SCOE launched a redesigned website at, giving a clean new look to the Sonoma County Office of Education’s online portal. Based on feedback and research on how people use SCOE resources, the site has been redesigned for improved access and functionality.

The new website design retains its existing site architecture, so return visitors can still find what they’re looking for in familiar places. The navigation categories along the top have remained unchanged and all content has been transferred into the new design templates intact.

New features on the site now include:

  • Direct access to key topic areas and resources from the home page
  • Enhanced navigation through an always-present navigation header and simplified left navigation
  • Tablet- and mobile-friendly interface
  • Integration of social media and other interactive elements
  • Improved account access for online registration

“The redesigned website underscores our commitment to utilize 21st century tools to deliver high-quality and cost-effective resources to Sonoma County schools and districts,” says County Superintendent Steve Herrington. “Last year, the SCOE website received over 800,000 unique page views from 190,000 users, and we anticipate increased usage in the coming years as schools continue to rely on digital tools.”

Community ServersThe new SCOE website was designed and implemented in collaboration with Community Servers, Inc., a Sonoma County-based developer of web applications and server technology. Community Servers has supported SCOE’s web presence since 2008.

Let us know what you think
Please send your comments and questions about the new website to If you are a mobile device user, we are especially interested in hearing from you if you encounter pages or page elements that don’t display correctly. We have tested the mobile display on devices commonly used in schools, but are still in the process of gathering data from diverse users. Please be as specific as possible when notifying us of problems and technical issues. Thank you.

Tablet Views of SCOE Website
Desktop and Phone Views of SCOE Website