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Lego Robot Events

Gone Fishing | Gone Fishing Rules (pdf)

Gone Fishing is a new mechanical event for 2022. Contestants develop a means of capturing and transferring ‘fish’ from one area to another in the shortest amount of time. Important detail for this event: Fish Construction Guide.

Bull in a China Shop | Bull in a China Shop Rules (pdf)

This challenge uses a circular ring with 10 different items placed at various locations in the ring. A single robot has the task of knocking the items out of the ring in the shortest time possible.

Drag Racing | Drag Racing Rules (pdf)

The objective of this contest is to race your robot on a track that is 16 feet long and beat your opponent to the finish line. This year’s drag racing competition is open to grade 4-6 students only.

Free Form | Free Form Rules (pdf)

This year’s Free Form event challenges teams to explore the idea of “Open for Business” with bonus points added for creating a routine or story on this theme. Entries will be judged on the robot’s ability to follow action scripts, difficulty of tasks, and adherence to the theme. Participants may choose to enter the Beginning or Advanced competition categories in this event.

King of the Hill | King of the Hill Rules (pdf)

This contest matches two robots climbing a hill to occupy a space at the top that is only large enough for one. The robot who is in the top space at the end of one minute is "King of the Hill."

Off Road Racing | Off Road Racing Rules (pdf)

Off Road Racing involves a 16-foot long course with barriers placed at different intervals. The object of the event is to overcome the barriers, stay on track, and finish with the best time.

Sumo | Sumo Rules (pdf)

Robot sumo wrestling engages two robot contestants in trying to push each other out of a circular ring. The first robot to touch the floor outside of the ring loses. The last robot remaining in the ring wins.

Robotics Triathlon | Robotics Triathlon (pdf)

The Robotics Triathlon asks participants to create an ‘Olympian’ like robot that will traverse an obstacle course, follow a line, and finally drop a ping pong ball in a specific location in the shortest time possible.

Construction & Design Museum | Grades 1-6 | Display Rules (pdf)

Students in grades 1-6 are invited to display their Lego creations in the Construction and Design Museum. This year's theme is focused on “Open for Business.” To participate, students should build a Lego creation featuring the Open for Business theme.

Microcontroller Challenges

Microcontrollers are inexpensive compact integrated circuits with various inputs and outputs. This year’s event challenges participants to use either micro:bits or Circuit Playground Express microcontrollers. Events in this area of the competition will be submitted virtually through photos & videos demonstrating challenge responses. Participants use this form to submit entries. Entries are due by April 30th.

Participants engaging in microcontroller events only DO NOT go to Elsie Allen High School on April 30th. Participation certificates and awards will be mailed to their schools the week of May 9.

Beginning Level Challenges

Project Push Button

micro:bit Circuit Playground Express
Program the micro:bit to display one image when the A button is pressed and a different image when the B button is pressed. Program the Circuit Playground Express to do a NeoPixel rainbow chase clockwise direction when the left button is pressed and when the right button is pressed a neopixel rainbow counterclockwise chase.

Temperature Sensing

micro:bit Circuit Playground Express
Program the micro:bit to display a smiley face when the temperature is above a certain value and a sad face when the temperature goes below the value. Program the Circuit Playground Express to play a high pitch when the temperature is above a certain value and a low pitch when the temperature goes below the value.

Intermediate Level Challenges


micro:bit Circuit Playground Express
Using the micro:bits radio features, program one micro:bit to cause another micro:bit to produce some action (eg. light an LED, run a program) Program the Circuit Playground Express to cause another Circuit Playground Express to produce some action (eg. play a song, NeoPixel light display)

Free Form

micro:bit Circuit Playground Express
Use the micro:bit to express an idea about the theme, “Open for Business” Use the Circuit Playground Express to express an idea about the theme, “Open for Business”

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