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2024 Robotics Challenge

2024 Challenge

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Sonoma County Office of Education’s 21st Year Promoting Student Thinking & Innovation with Robots

Public Schedule of Events

Participant Orientation Letter

May 4 from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Elsie Allen High School

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General Rules

The Sonoma County Robotics Challenge is a youth event aimed at supporting the development of student abilities in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. General rules are outlined for participants, coaches and parents to understand in taking part in this activity addressing:

  • Participant behavior
  • Robot design & operation
  • Event judgment

Participants, coaches and parents agree to the tenets outlined in the general event rules provided here.


Capture the Flag | Capture the Flag (pdf)

Modeled on the popular game, this challenge involves two robots racing to locate a red flag. The first robot to capture the flag and bring it back to their home circle wins.

Bull in a China Shop | Bull in a China Shop Rules (pdf)

This challenge uses a circular ring with 10 different items placed at various locations in the ring. A single robot has the task of knocking the items out of the ring in the shortest time possible.

Drag Racing | Drag Racing Rules (pdf)

The objective of this contest is to race your robot on a track that is 16 feet long and beat your opponent to the finish line. This competition is open to 4th & 5th grade students only.

Free Form | Free Form Rules (pdf)

This year’s Free Form event has the theme of “Transportation Innovation.” Teams are invited to explore ideas such as autonomous vehicles, traffic management, or innovative public transportation creating a routine or story for bonus points. Entries will be judged on the robot’s ability to follow action scripts, difficulty of tasks, and adherence to the theme. Participants may choose to enter the Beginning or Advanced competition categories in this event.

Bull Dozer | Bull Dozer (pdf)

Individual robots are challenged to locate four 8 ounce soda cans filled with sand and “bull doze” them to point zones on the field. The winning robot scores the highest number of points at the end of their run.

Off Road Racing | Off Road Racing Rules (pdf)

Off Road Racing involves a 16-foot long course with barriers placed at different intervals. The object of the event is to overcome the barriers, stay on track, and finish with the best time.

Sumo | Sumo Rules (pdf)

Robot sumo wrestling engages two robot contestants in trying to push each other out of a circular ring. The last robot remaining in the ring wins. Based on the popularity of this event, organizations will be limited to four (4) Sumo entries. Teams are asked to hold local contests to determine representation at the May 4 event.

Mosh Pit 4X Sumo | Mosh Pit 4X Sumo (pdf)

Inspired by observing participants in the practice area, this ‘mosh pit’ style match involves four robots trying to stay in a circular ring for a 2 minute time period. This event is structured fun held at the end of the championship Sumo Competition– no awards are offered for this activity.


Golden Propeller Head: A trophy is given to the team that best represents the spirit of the games by demonstrating excellence in teamwork, mechanical design, programming, and performance. The trophy is kept at their school until the following year’s competition, when it is handed off to the new team. The team’s name is engraved into a plaque on the side of the trophy.

Grand Gear Head Award for Mechanical Design: Awarded to the team whose robot best demonstrates solid mechanical design and function.

Genius Programmer Award: Awarded to the team that demonstrates the best use of robot programming.

Team Spirit Award: This award goes to the team that most enthusiastically demonstrates a commitment to getting others to see how accessible, fun, and rewarding science and technology can be, especially when you’re part of a great team. Displays chronicling your team’s outreach efforts are encouraged.

Best Overall Robot Performance Award: If your robot is performing ahead of the pack and the high scores are racking up, you are destined to receive this award.

Against All Odds Award: If you walked to the tournament in the rain, barefoot, through a jungle of angry robot-hating gorillas, this award may be for you! The award goes to the team that has come from the back of the pack to demonstrate grace under pressure, while improvising and adapting to overcome all obstacles that have been thrown their way.

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