Sonoma County Office of Education

Smarter Balanced Assessment Resources for Teachers

The 2015 Smarter Balanced Assessment results have highlighted the need for more work with technology in classrooms. Here are some resources to facilitate that work.

Accessibility Supports

This chart shows what technological testing supports are available and appropriate at a variety of learning levels.

accessibility supports

If you'd like to delve into these supports in greater detail, the California Department of Education has an excellent web page dedicated to the topic. Learn more by clicking here.

Resources for the Classroom

Google Docs:
Test scores show that students need practice communicating with technology. Educators should have students regularly use digital platforms to compose thoughts and express understanding. Experts encourage the use of Google Documents to promote learning in this area. Access Google Documents here.

Reading Electronic Texts:
Test scores also show that students had trouble reading complex electronic texts. A source of high-quality, free, electronic reading materials that can be used to gain experience in this realm are available through SCOE's digital library. Access the library here.


Spreadsheets & Data Modeling Tools:
Spreadsheets are one of the most common tools used in the business world but are rarely found in K-12 classrooms. These tools offer students different ways to collect information, visualize patterns, and analyze data. Watch for a Technology for Learning three part series on 'Navigating Google Sheets' coming to SCOE this Fall.

Professional Development

Here is a listing of SCOE classes related to Technology for Learners:

And here is a listing of SCOE classes related to Next Generation Science Standards:

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