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SBAC Technical Areas

Because the SBAC is a computer-based online assessment, schools need to ensure they are prepared to administer the exam. Resources are available here to help district and school technology coordinators evaluate their technology readiness and prepare for the SBAC. A key resource for 2018 is provided in the Technical Specifications and Configuration Guide for CAASPP Online Testing. This guide provides information on: (1) system requirements, (2) network configuration, (3) system configuration, and (4) secure browser configuration.

Equipment & Peripherals

Devices used for SBAC testing must include peripheral equipment as noted below. All devices must be prepared with the secure browser from SBAC. The secure browser can be installed individually or deployed through a network. Schools that have earlier versions of a secure browser must download the current secure browser.

Desktop Computers
—Headphones for audio components

iPads and Tablets
—Keyboards (wired keyboards are preferable to Bluetooth)
—Headphones for audio components

Laptops and Chromebooks
—Pointing devices (mice)
—Headphones for audio components


Secure Web Browser Download
2017-18 Secure Browsers for California, from CAASPP

Diagnostic & Preparation Tools
SBAC Technology Calculator



Questions may be directed to:

  • Daniel Bienkowski, Chief Technology Officer
    (707) 524-8324,
  • Lyndsey Munn, Director, Data and Assessment
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