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These resources are provided by the presenters at the April 10, 2013 iPad Symposium at SCOE. See the Breakout Session Schedule (pdf).

iPads for Teaching and Learning | Kathy Schrock
Kathy Schrock’s Presentation Resources (link)

Creating Music with the iPad | Dave Chosa
Creating Music with the iPad (link)

iBooks: New Media for Learning and Sharing | Joan Easterday
iBooks Author (link)

iPads for All | Debra Wilcox
Presentation Slides (pdf)
Text-to-Speech Option (pdf)
Voice Dictation (pdf)
Word Prediction Apps (pdf)
Word Prediction App Features (pdf)

iPads in the Primary Classroom | Pam Rubel
Best Apps List for the Primary Classroom (pdf)

Lessons from Sixth Grade Charter School | Danna Rocca & Danny Bever
Apps Worth Having (docx)
iPad Dos and Don’ts (docx)

Lisa Wittke Schaffner, Board Member
"The Sonoma County Board of Education sets policy for its alternative education program, serves in an oversight role for SCOE, and supports our educational agenda. We believe every student has a unique set of abilities, potential, and needs. Our board compliments the work and innovation of SCOE, and serves as an educational partner for the Sonoma County community." - Lisa Wittke Schaffner, Board Member