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SCOE Video Support Library

Find quick answers to your most pressing questions about:

  • Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs
  • Resetting your SCOE gmail password
  • Accessing the Employee Online Portal to view paystubs, leave balances, and benefits information
  • Managing vacations and sick leave using the Frontline Absence Management system.
  • And much more!

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Congratulations and welcome to SCOE! Once you've been hired and you're Gmail account has been activated, you'll want to familiarize yourself with the many online resources available for employees. Here you'll find a collection of videos designed to help you navigate the SCOE web site and find the information you need.

  • Set up a user account
  • Access the Employee Center
  • Learn about absence management system
  • Explore benefit options
  • Access you Employee Portal account

enroll in the SCOE password reset service
Enroll in the SCOE password reset service

Set up user account
Create a user account

log into scoe user account
Log into your user account

Access the Employee Center web page

Absences and Leaves

Google Workspace includes Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Slides, Forms


Organize your mail with Labels

How to Use Gmail Filters

Set up an Out of Office Reply

Undo Send in Gmail

Google Drive

Getting started with Google Drive

Version history in Drive

Access current and past paystubs and w-2s, get the most up-to-date information on your leave balances, and dependent information all in one place. Make immediate changes to your withholding and even check how deductions will affect your take home pay.

Creating an Escape Employee Portal Account

An Overview of the Employee Online Portal

How to log in, create an absence, change your PIN, and more!

create an absence in frontline
Create an Absence in the Frontline Absence Management system

Sign up for a free account. Learn a lot of tips and tricks.

free Zoom account
Initially Set up Zoom Phone

Zoom Phone from the Desktop App

free Zoom account
In-call Options in the Desktop App

Call Handling

free Zoom account
Sign Up For a Free Zoom Account

Two ways to join a zoom meeting

free Zoom account
Schedule a Zoom meeting from Google Calendar

Reset your password, get a VPN account, enable wi-fi-calling and more.

enroll in SCOE password reset service
Enrolling in the SCOE password reset service

forgot password
What to do if you forget your SCOE email password

Resetting you SCOE email password

Enable wi-fi calling on your phone

set up SCOE VPN
Setting Up Your SCOE VPN