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Apple K-12 Technology Forum

Author: Rick Phelan
Published: 03.18.17

teacher and child with ipadApple Computer is teaming with SCOE on April 13 to offer a free educational technology forum.  K-12 learning specialists from Apple will be at SCOE for a day focused on how Apple technologies can support 21st century learning and the effective integration of technology.  A range of different topics are being provided specific to iPads, the latest Macintosh operating system, and wireless device management.  Session offerings are listed below. Sign-up for one event or a combination! 

Morning Sessions 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

iPads & STEM

At this hands-on activity, you'll see how educators are using Apple technology to create and deliver engaging STEM content and you'll learn how digital content can personalize learning and help students of all learning styles grasp challenging concepts. 

  • Use a range of engaging STEM apps on iPad that enable anytime learning.
  • Explore a variety of Multi-Touch textbooks and learning materials available to iPad.
  • Experience a variety of tools for developing STEM projects for your students.
  • Learn how educators are using iTunes U, and ever-growing collection of free educational resources, to deliver an amazing array of interactive STEM content.


Engaging Learners through Digital Stories with the iPad

Storytelling is as old as human history. It is a simple and natural means of communicating information, views and experiences. The inherent sharing and reflecting at the heart of storytelling creates an environment which is essential to learning. Stories are much easier to remember than facts and figures. Stories speak for themselves, and each learner can get out of it whatever is relevant to him/her and links to their personal experiences. Creating stories on an iPad couldn't be easier. Whether you are an educator who works in language arts, social sciences, or natural sciences, learn how to incorporate digital storytelling into the learning process in order to foster creative, engaging, transformation experiences for you and your students. During this hands-on session, participants will: 

  • Explore all the many ways to gather digital storytelling elements.
  • Cover the basics with a simple, free iPhone app called StoryKit.
  • Move on to create an iMovie Trailer which is super easy and super fun. It is a paint-by-number approach to make engaging content.
  • Experience how these tools can elevate storytelling whether capturing the essence of a favorite book, an end-of-unit less, an exercises in persuasive expression, or more.
  • See sample projects focused on 21 Century Learning Outcomes.
  • Get support resources that will advance the effective integration of technology into your classroom. 


WiFi Network Design for a Mobile Learning Environment

Effective Wi-Fi network design is essential for the success of any mobile learning environment. Join us to discover best practices for designing a powerful Wi-Fi network that provides optimal coverage and capacity for personalized learning. 

  • Discuss the latest developments and trends in wireless LAN design and evaluation.
  • Explore tools that allow you to review your current Wi-Fi design and plan its evolution.
  • Hear about how to take advantage of the latest developments in 802.11 specifications.
  • Learn how to design your Wi-Fi network around the technical services your students and faculty require. 
  • Understand how iPad and Mac interact with these services and your Wi-Fi design to provide optimal academic use.

You'll leave the session with a better understanding of the tools you can use to design an ideal Wi-Fi network for your education environment.


Afternoon Sessions from 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM


Making More of Your Mac

Apple has rolled out a series of upgrades to their Macintosh operating systems over the past two years with El Capitan and Sierra. This hands-on session is aimed at Mac users who would like to increase their productivity with the latest operating system. Bring your laptop with the El Capitan or Sierra operating system and go over elements with an Apple Systems Engineer. Learn about new features in the Finder and options to improve and personalize access to your electronic files. Learn how new features in Photos, Mail and Safari can help your work flow. Find out how your iPhone and iPad can work more efficiently with your laptop. Ask questions about "Cloud" based Apple features and network with other educators making the most of their Macs!


 iPads for TK-3 Educators

More than ever, teachers are using iPads and digital content to create interactive, engaging experiences for early learners. Come to this session to see how iPad and the Apple content ecosystem for education can make early childhood education more relevant and more personal. 

  • Learn how you can personalize content for early learners
  • View interactive curriculum-focused apps, multi-Touch books, and creativity tools that engage students.
  • Hear from an Apple Distinguished Educator who uses the iPad to create engaging, interactive experiences for primary grade learners. 


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