Sonoma County Office of Education

Student Legal Symposium by F3 Law

F3 Law’s First Annual Student Legal Symposium provides school administrators the most current legal information to ensure schools are responsive to general education student issues and promote a positive school climate.

Responsive and Responsible Student Suspensions

-Suspension of a student from school—which typically means removal of the student from ongoing instruction for adjustment purposes—involves teachers and administrators in an often-complex decision-making process. This session focuses on the legal requirements governing the various circumstances under which a student may be suspended; other means of correction and suspension alternatives; how long a suspension may last; suspension procedural requirements; obligations to notify law enforcement; and suspension of general education students potentially eligible for special education. We will offer practical investigative pointers on conducting investigations, and more.

Say What? Legal Parameters of Student Free Speech

-While public school students generally have the same First Amendment rights to freedom of speech as everyone else when they are at school and during school activities, there are certain limitations. Historically, there are two factors courts use when evaluating limitations on student speech: content and location. Social media has exacerbated this complexity for the courts by introducing new and unique forms of communication and expression. This session focuses on the constitutional and statutory framework of student speech, as well as delving in-depth into important case law decisions concerning a school’s ability to regulate (and thereby discipline) students for speech that takes place on-campus and off-campus. Plus, the session provides numerous practical pointers for educators when confronted with issues related to student speech and expression.

This class is being rescheduled for a future date, if you would like to receive an email when the date is chosen and registration is open again, please contact Danielle Brusnahan at

When Reschedule Date TBD
3:00pm - 5:30pm
Location Sonoma County Office of Education, Redwood Room C
5340 Skylane Boulevard, Santa Rosa, CA 95403
Presenter F3 Law together with SCOE
Cost Free
Audience Administrative teams
Registration closes 10/05/2023
Registration Danielle Brusnahan, (707) 524-2823,
Questions Diann Kitamura, (707) 524-2840,

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