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Inventors and Inventions Theme Page
There are several good curricular resources here for teachers and many good informational sites for both students and teachers. Sites serve various grade levels with more sites at grades 5-8. In addition to many curricular resources, informational resources cover specific inventors or inventions, various inventors and inventions through history, the invention and patent process, and more. Although some of the links are inoperable, the site is still worthy of a visit.

Discover Engineering Online
Engineers are some of the greatest inventors! They “synthesize, solve problems, and innovate...all big words meaning that they make new things and make old things better.” This site, created by a variety of companies and engineers, recognizes the accomplishments of the world’s engineers and promotes engineering as a career choice. Engineering really comes to life here, with highlights of the most interesting and fascinating areas of the profession. Even upper elementary kids will enjoy the site which shares games, exciting videos, and other downloads, and explores some of the coolest engineering feats like roller coasters and snowboards.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Kids’ Pages
This made-for-kids site answers the most frequently asked kids’ questions about patents, trademarks, copyrights, and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Explore further resources, contests and events, and games, or visit separate sections for K-6, 6-12, parents, and teachers.

Lemelson-MIT Program: Celebrating Invention and Innovation
This MIT site, geared toward the serious inventor, shares Invention Related Links and Resources and the Inventors Handbook. It has an extensive archive of featured Inventors of the Week. The Inventor of the Week Archives searchable by inventor and by invention includes many brief, easy-to-read profiles of inventors past and present, both well-known and obscure. It’s a good resource for grades 4+. This is also home to the Lemelson-MIT High School Invention Apprenticeship, which pairs students with a leading scientist, technologist, engineer, or entrepreneur anywhere in the country to provide hands-on experience in a scientific and technological environment. Inventors, high school and older, will find the resources here helpful.