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Tools For Online Teaching / Learning / Collaboration

Tools and Tips for Engaging Students with Asynchronous Discussions

Distance Learning

Powered by Common Sense Media, this excellent site provides resources for teachers to help partner with families, to build virtual classroom culture, and to gain confidence with remote teaching

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship lessons from Common Sense Media

Developed in partnership with Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, these free digital citizenship lessons (for Grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12) prepare students with critical 21st-century skills, including news and media literacy and citation creation.

List of Tools to Help Students Build Online Presentations


screen casting allows one to record their screen. This site includes video editing and hosting.


Free online curriculum for teaching digital literacy.

Animation Tools

Make Beliefs Comix

3 ways to create fun animations on your tablet or other device.




Google Slides

Creating a presentation is a snap with these well-known tools. .

Info about the Story Corps App

Story Corps App

You can listen to stories, you can make your own stories. Bring history to life, bring communities together. Here’s their take on ways to use it.


Take Notes on Paper - Sketchnoting

Visual note taking – have students take a picture of it for grading purposes online.


Test out this site for drawing online notes.



Creative commons licensed sounds for presentations



Image Quest

Image Quest

Free on the library e-resources page. No need for your students to head out to find images... they’re probably right here. Thousands of ok-to-use-at-school images for reports, presentations, papers.

Animation Factory

Animation Factory

Small animations, GIFS, and more. Royalty free.

Audio and Video Resources


Movies – educational and theatrical. There are explanations of authors works, there are mini-clips of literature, science, history... You can also find some lesson ideas here.

Mango Languages

Lots of languages – but mostly lots of language learning activities. There are MOVIES here!

National Geographic Magazines

Add some images to animal reports – ask students to explore a country across many years of Geographic reporting.

Audio Books



Online Cross-Curricular Activities

Virtual Maker Spaces

Virtual Maker Spaces

Part of an on-going project, this site breaks down activities for students by grade level and activity type.

Check in with the SCHULZ MUSEUM

The museum offers a wide variety of classes online – and many are free. See what you can cook up for your kiddos.


Draw your own cartoons. No computer needed – just paper and some pencils.

Online Teaching Resources by Subject - A Starter Kit


Citizen Science: Sci Starter

Citizen science is an excellent way for students to participate in real projects that help scientists. Find recordings of many other online Citizen Science events at!


The Zooniverse enables everyone to take part in real cutting edge research in many fields across the sciences, humanities, and more.

StarNet Libraries

While these webinars are aimed to public library programming, they have some great ideas teachers could use to infuse information into the virtual classroom.

Civics and Government


Excellent venue for teaching online – games, lessons, loads of teacher support.

Citizen Z

An article with resources for teaching civics and social justice & more.


Youth Speaks

Youth Speaks empowers teens to write, listen, stand up, and speak up. They offer poetry writing sessions, spoken word presentations and more.