Sonoma County Office of Education

Burbank School is tops at Science Olympiad

04/20/2015 - Science Olympiad, 2015Luther Burbank Elementary School earned the highest score and top honors at the Sonoma County Science Olympiad, held Saturday, April 18, at Lawrence Jones Middle School in Rohnert Park. Eighteen teams comprised of students in grades 4-6 participated. Luther Burbank School amassed the most points in a series of 14 events related to the disciplines of life, earth, and physical science. Students applied their academic skills and knowledge of environmental science, aerodynamic principles, load limit, physics, mathematical computation, the scientific method, engineering, and design to complete each event.

The Science Olympiad drew approximately 300 student competitors. Teams prepared for the event throughout the school year with the support of their teacher and/or parent coaches. Over 60 volunteer judges helped facilitate the spirited team competition.

Student members of the Luther Burbank team included Judith Andrade, Harry Chau, Esmeray Collins, Bianca Farias, Mannuel Garcia, Laura Gomez, Fabian Hernandez, Alissa Jackson, George Lujano, Brian Ramirez, Quetzale Rivas, Luis Rojo, Rebeca Roman, Santana Rosales, Leo Sanchez, Yakima Urquieta, and Anthony Zavalza. The team was coached by Guy Cottle, Ross Hause, Dave Heaney, and Anne West.

The grand finale of the Science Olympiad required student teams to construct an egg catcher for the Naked Egg Drop. Team 2 from Evergreen Elementary School placed first in the Naked Egg Drop, which was the culminating activity in the competition. Each team constructed an egg catcher from paper and masking tape. A raw egg was dropped from increasing heights, beginning at 4 feet, into their egg catchers. Evergreen’s egg catcher had the highest successful drop at 8 feet, 11 inches.

This academic event is held annually and sponsored by the Sonoma County Office of Education.

Schools in the Science Olympiad and final place standings
1 – Luther Burbank Elementary School
2 – Corona Creek School
3 – McNear School (Blue Team)
4 – Meadow School
4 – Old Adobe Charter School
5 – Dunham Elementary School
6 – Evergreen Elementary School (Team 2)
7 – San Miguel Elementary School (Zebras)
8 – San Miguel Elementary School (Leopards)
8 – John B. Riebli Elementary School
8 – McNear School (Gold)
9 – McKinley Elementary School
10 – Austin Creek Elementary School
10 – Gravenstein Elementary School
10 – Wilson School
11 – Marguerite Hahn Elementary School
12 – Evergreen Elementary School (Team 1)
13 – La Tercera Elementary School