2017 Robotics Challenge Results

05/15/2017 -

Over 400 elementary and middle school students from grades 4-8 took part in the 2017 Sonoma County Robotics Challenge on May 6 at Elsie Allen High School. The Sonoma County Office of Education (SCOE) partnered with local schools and the Sonoma County Economic Development Board to create this program, which is now in its fifteenth year. The goal of the partnership is to engage elementary and middle school students in applying mathematics, science, engineering, critical thinking, teamwork, and oral presentation skills through robotics activities.

This year’s competition had seven different events for beginners through advanced users.

Event Results


Robot sumo wrestling engages two robot contestants in trying to push each other out of a circular ring. The last robot remaining in the ring wins. This year’s Sumo event had novice and advanced competition categories.

Sumo Advanced

1st Place | Kenwood School- Riptide
2nd Place | Healdsburg Jr. High- The Assassin
3rd Place | Petaluma Accelerated Charter School- Dabtastic

Sumo Novice RCX

1st Place | Hidden Valley School- Destroyers
2nd Place | Kenwood School- Gangsta Bee
3rd Place | Kenwood School- Purple Pumas

Sumo Novice NXT/EV3

1st Place | Whited Elementary- Living Kings
2nd Place | Healdsburg Jr. High- Destruction
3rd Place | Riebli Elementary- Team Blue

Capture the Flag:

The objective of this event is to compete against another robot to locate and capture a flag within a one-minute time period.

1st Place | Healdsburg Jr. High- Destruction
2nd Place | Healdsburg Jr. High- Lord of Destruction

Off Road Racing:

Off Road Racing involves a 16-foot long course with blocks of wood placed at different intervals. The object is to design a robot that will overcome the barriers, stay on track, and finish with the fastest time.

1st Place | Santa Rosa Accelerated Charter School- Robo Dudes
2nd Place | Brooks Elementary- EnVyUs
3rd Place | Petaluma Accelerated Charter- Dragons

Free-Form Challenge:

This year’s free-form challenge encourages student teams to explore the idea of “Agriculture.” Teams select tasks demonstrating the theme and planned a series of eight autonomous actions for robots to carry out.


1st Place | Sonoma County Day School- Gone Bananas
2nd Place | Petaluma Accelerated Charter School- Aiden
3rd Place | Proctor Terrace- Part One


1st Place | Fitch Mountain Elementary- Rainba
2nd Place | Brooks Elementary- No More Bvines
3rd Place | Horicon Elementary- Hornets One

Drag Racing:

4th & 5th grade students studied gear ratios and programming, designing robots that raced along a 16-foot course and stopped in a prescribed space.


1st Place | Proctor Terrace- Part Two
2nd Place | Roseland Elementary- Baby Harambe
3rd Place | Kenwood School- Hardcore Kitties


1st Place | Sonoma Country Day School- Greased Lightning
2nd Place | Austin Creek Elementary- Koala Squad
3rd Place | Santa Rosa Accelerated Charter School- Drag Swag

Line Following Relay:

This challenge involves designing two robots that worked as a team. The first team robot picks up a brick and exchanges it with a second, mid-way through the course.

1st Place | Meadow School- Metal Gears
2nd Place | Petaluma Accelerated Charter School- Walk the Line
3rd Place | Petaluma Accelerated Charter School- Warriors

Grand Gear Head for Mechanical Design:

Meadow School: Metal Gears

Genius Programmer Award

Kenwood School: Firebird

Team Spirit Award

Kenwood School

Best Overall Performance Award

Healdsburg Jr High School

Against All Odds Award

Petaluma Charter Accelerated School: Warriors

Golden Propeller Head Award

Kenwood School