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Sonoma County Schools Fire Relief

Sonoma County Schools Fire Relief

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Access information about student mental health resources and the rights of homeless students here.

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Spotlight on Sonoma County Schools | Published August 2018 This annual insert in the Press Democrat celebrates Sonoma County public schools. This year, the publication highlights the incredible efforts of the educational community to respond to and recover from the devastating wildfires of October 2017. Download the accessibleis PDF here or click below to view in an interactive format.


	A flag was singed in the fires but still stands in a classroom as a sign of resilience

Growing Through Adversity | February 2018 In this SCOE Bulletin, we look back at how the educational community came together to help students and schools during the North Bay firestorm. Read on for stories celebrating the courage and dedication of school staff; advice on healing from tragedy given by an expert in school crisis; and links to helpful videos and resources.


Steven D. Herrington

Audio: A Thank You Message to Educators After the Fire | November 2017 In this audio message recorded for radio, Dr. Herrington acknowledges the devastation of the North Bay Firestorm on the community and thanks educators for their dedicated efforts to serve students despite personal hardship.


Thank you for your interest in helping our many schools and families that have been impacted by the devastating and unprecedented fires that swept through Sonoma County in October 2017. Two public schools burned and one working school farm site was destroyed. Tragically, nearly 250 public school employees and close to 1,500 children lost homes.  To assist districts with the overwhelming tasks of rebuilding schools and providing a safe and healing space for children, SCOE is coordinating donations and support to local schools. For more information on SCOE Fire Relief Efforts, click here

Monetary Donations Through SCOE

The Sonoma County Office of Education created the School Fire Relief Fund to provide a one-stop location where individuals or organizations could provide support directly to school districts in Sonoma County. Thank you to the many donors who generously supported Sonoma County Schools through the SCOE Fire Relief Fund after the fires. Together, you donated close to $50,000 to directly benefit students in Sonoma County. The funds have been allocated to Sonoma County School Districts based on the number of students they serve who were affected by the fire. The PayPal donation feature is now closed. If you are a donor who would like to support Sonoma County schools, there is still great need in our community—particularly in regard to student mental health support. If you have questions about the best way to donate, please contact SCOE Communications Specialist Jamie Hansen at

Other Resources

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"I love that the people I work with are passionate about their work, passionate about our students getting the best possible education, and passionate about Sonoma County. " - Nicole Rosaschi, SCOE Administrative Operations Specialist, Human Resources