Sonoma County Office of Education

SCOE Operations Manual

An updated version of the Sonoma County Superintendent’s Policy Manual is available online (see box at right). This is the only version of the Manual that should be consulted for reference. Paper copies and out-of-date PDFs should be discarded. The online Manual is kept up-to-date and you should always refer to the current version to ensure that you have accurate information.

Community Relations

Publishing the Directory of Sonoma County Schools
Visiting Classrooms and Programs
Distributing Materials to Sonoma County Schools


Policies and Regulations
Developing New Policies and Regulations
Updating Policies and Regulations
Developing Forms


Bid Quote Guidelines
Managing Program Budgets
Budget Development, Transfers, and Journal Entries

Managing Program Budgets
Supplementing Capital Outlay

Billing for Goods and Services
Billing for Contracted County Office Services
Billing for Reimbursement of State-Approved Activities by Employees
Receiving Payment from Clients
Accepting Contributions, Gifts, and Donations
Establishing Budgets for New/Expanded Programs

Purchasing Goods and/or Services
Coordinating Group Purchases
Conducting Bids
Paying for Goods and/or Services
Using County Office Credit Cards
Paying Expenses Incurred by Districts/Outside Agencies
Processing Claims Against Public Entity
Requesting Out-of-County Travel
Requesting Reimbursement for Expenses
Requesting Travel Advance

Management of County Office Assets
Inventorying Furniture and Equipment

Energy Conservation and Recyling
Requesting Alternative Transportation Incentive

Environmental Safety
Training on Safe Work Practices
Identifying and Reducing Hazards
Requesting Safety Credit Funds
Removing Intruders from Campus
Reporting Vandalism/Crime Incidents
Entering Facilities After Hours
Conducting Fire Drills
Responding to Earthquake Emergency
Clarifying Staff Roles in Safety Procedures
Maintaining Facilities

County Office Services
Requesting Graphics and Printing Services
Using Mail Services
Purchasing Goods from the County Office Store
Courier Service
Obtaining Certificates of Insurance

Transporting Students in Privately-Owned Vehicles
Using County Office Vehicles

Food Service
Free and Reduced-Price Meals, Guidelines
Providing Food at Isolated Sites
Other Food Sales
Food Service/Child Nutrition Program

County Office Records
Storing Fiscal Records

Preparing Consultant Contracts


Providing References
Handling Grievances
Reporting Job-Related Injuries and Illnesses


Excluding Students from Attendance
Determining Attendance for Students with AIDS/HIV Infection

Health Care and Emergencies
Reporting Emergency Situations
Reporting Student Accidents/Incidents
Responding to DNR Orders
Administering Medication to Students
Accommodating Special Health Care Needs
Case Management Plan Guidelines for Students with Infectious Diseases
Reducing Risk of Communicable Disease


School-Sponsored Trips
Conducting Off-Campus Educational Activities

Section 504 Requirements
Implementing Section 504 Requirements

Alternative Schools
Transfers and Withdrawals
Admitting Students: Community School
Exiting the Community School Program

Susie Truelove, SCOE HR Analyst
"Everyone at SCOE has the focus that what we do is to support students, directly or indirectly." - Susie Truelove, SCOE HR Analyst