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Solar System & Space Exploration

NASA Kids Club
NASA’s many sites have a wealth of information about aerospace science, the solar system, astronomy and more. Information meets a variety of interest levels from very basic information to complex research.

The Nine Planets: a Multimedia Tour of the Solar System
This well-organized multimedia and information site on the planets presents an overview of the history, mythology, and current scientific knowledge of each of the planets and moons in our system. Each page has text and images, some have sound and movies, along with references to additional related information. Good for grades 6 and above.

Amazing Space
Eleven activities – Planet Impact, Mission Mastermind, Comets, Galaxy Hunter, Solar System Trading Cards, and more – provide Web-based interactive lessons for K-12 students. Each activity has several parts. Excellent teacher support make the activities easy to incorporate in the classroom. Teachers will find very thorough lesson plans that identify target grade levels and National Science Standards, specify computer needs, provide background scientific information, and share a wealth of further resources. Excellent combination of technology (Shockwave activities, videos, photos, animation, etc.) and teacher support makes this site “classroom ready.” Lessons were created by summer institute science teachers at the Space Telescope Science Institute.

Windows to the Universe
This user-friendly site explores astronomy, physics, and related topics. Sections are thoroughly hyperlinked so readers can connect easily to related topics, definitions, and other information. Subjects include: current space and science news, space missions, our solar system, book and video recommendations, geology, teacher resources, and more. Content pages are viewed by default at an intermediate level and can also be viewed as beginner or advanced, making content suitable for grades 5-12.

NASA Human Spaceflight
Looking for more on the exploration of space? This NASA site covers space exploration history and provides up-to-date coverage of Space Shuttle and International Space Station missions, launches, and other issues. Resources related to the Space Station include links to space programs in other countries.

Sky and Telescope
Sky & Telescope magazine’s website is a great place for beginning stargazers to find astronomy news, star maps, weekly sky-at-a-glance reports, and other viewing tips.