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TALLK Project

TALLK Project


Since its inception in 2006, the TALLK Project has a deep and rich history of intentionally supporting educators to meet the needs of Dual Language Learners (DLL) in early care settings.

Through generous funding from First 5 Sonoma County as a part of the Quality and Equity in Early Learning grant, TALLK has partnered with the Child Care Planning Council of Sonoma County to expand and strengthen its focus on DLLs across Sonoma County in three areas:

Training Coaches

TALLK has partnered with four agencies in Sonoma County 4Cs, CAP Sonoma, River to Coast Children’s Services, Children and Family Circle) to work deeply with coaches to support DLLs in early education and care settings. Through ongoing professional development and support, coaches will utilize research based strategies in their coaching practice to help providers meet the needs of their DLLs.

Building provider capacity

Every child care provider whose coach is supported by TALLK will have an opportunity to take part in incentivized Communities of Practice. These sessions will serve as a space for providers to talk with one another about the DLL strategies, reflect, and share effective practices and resources.

Home Language Interview

In order to effectively meet the needs of Dual Language Learners, it is imperative that early care settings know who these students are. The TALLK team is working to develop and implement a common intake procedure that will be used across the county, called the Home Language Interview. This will help providers to identify their DLL students and gain a comprehensive picture of a child’s language background that goes beyond a simple question about which languages are spoken in the home.

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