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Five-Minute Film Festival Entries

Five-Minute Film Festival Entries

Festival LogoThis year, SCOE its second annual Five-Minute Film Festival. This was an opportunity for K-12 students to demonstrate learning in a 21st century context and showcase their work in front of a community audience. To participate, students created short videos (up to five-minutes long) on the theme of “Patterns” and submitted them to a SCOE for judging by a celebrity panel. The top 15 films debuted at the Festival on March 14. Learn more and read about the winning films here.

All 94 films submitted are shown below, with the winning films highlighted first. You can use the Search box, above right, to search for a specific film.

Judge-Selected Winners

Grades K-5
"Patternless" | By Santia DePaola | Oak Grove Elementary

Grades 6-8
"The Amazing Cow Cam" | By Blake Macheras, Kaden Anderson, and Kieran Douglass | Willowside Middle

High School
"Violence in a Generation" | Cheloy Gonzalez, Katie McUgh, Indiana DeFrancesco, and Shayna Kubiceck | Windsor High School

Audience Choice Winner

"Mandala Project" | By the Students of Room 24 | Kawana Academy of the Arts & Sciences

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"One Man, One Pattern, Biomimicry"
By "Blake Civello, Christopher Gullixson, Natalie Blount, View All...
Grade 11, Maria Carrillo High School
A Day of Patterns with Heather
By "Johnna Schubert, Heather Schubert"
Grade 4th and 1st, Oak Grove Elementary
A Dog's Life
By Kennedy Kulas
Grade 7, Windsor Middle School
A Movie About Patterns
By Diana Hernandez
Grade 6th, Kawana Academy
A New Kind of Love
By "Colleen Logasa, Tatiana Ochoa, Sarah Hughes, View All...
Grade 11/12, Windsor High School
A Process
By "Veronica Cargay, Gerardo Sanchez, Courtney Chandler, View All...
Grade 11/12, Windsor High School
A Sleeper's Movie
By Molly Middleton
Grade 6, Windsor Middle School
By "Hale Garcia-Dean, Jillian Hayton, Laci Miller, View All...
Grade 11/12, Windsor High School
Animal Poaching Patterns
By Siena Grace
Grade 7, Windsor Middle School
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