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Member Resources

CCPC Member Resources

All resources are provided as PDFs except where noted.

1 | Member List
Member List

2 | CCPC History, Overview & Orientation
New Member Orientation
Organizational Chart

3 | Bills & Codes
Assembly Bill 172
Assembly Bill 1542
California Education Code
Description of Local Planning Councils (outside link)

4 | Meeting Guidelines
Brown Act Summary
Parliamentary Motions Guide – based on Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised 10th Edition

5 | Bylaws & Protocols
Bylaws of the Child Care Planning Council of Sonoma County
Acknowledgement of Members Service
Ad Hoc Committees
Advocacy Action
Assessing Funding Opportunities
“Buddy” System for New Members
Consideration of Requests for Partnership, Collaboration or Sponsorship
Contracting (Subcontracts, Consultants and Other Organizations)
Coordinator’s Function
Decision-Making Responsibilities
Developing an Advocacy Platform, Priorities and Plan of Action
ECE Investments Activities
Election of Officers
Executive Committee Guidelines
Financial Processes
Member Representation with the Public
Membership Selection Criteria
Reimbursement to Members
Staff Evaluations

6 | Budget & Finance
Funding Description 2014-2015
Approved Preliminary 2014-2015 Budgets
CLPC Expenditure Categories
Memo on Determining Whether an Expense is Appropriate
In-Kind Services and Contributions Fillable Form

7 | Committees & Strategic Plan
CCPC Committees 2014-2015
CCPC Strategic Plan for 2012-2015

8 | Zip Code Priorities
Zip Code Priorities Summary 2014

9 | Advocacy
Advocacy Priorities 2013-2015
CCPC Advocacy Action Protocol
Advocacy Platform
Position Paper on Child Care
Developing an Advocacy Platform, Priorities, and Plan of Action Protocol

10 | Needs Assessment
Sonoma County Child Care Needs Assessment Update 2014

11 | Child Care Plan
Child Care Plan 2010-2015
Executive Summary: 2010-2015 Child Care Plan
Business Insert

12 | Programs Administered by CCPC
Gateway to Quality Program Report
CARES Plus Snapshot, 2013-2014
First 5 Summary of Grantee Accomplishments for CARES Plus

13 | Child Care Acronyms
List of Child Care Acronyms

Amie Carter, Sonoma County Superintendent
"The mission of the Sonoma County Office of Education is to foster student success through service to schools, students, and the community." - Amie Carter, Sonoma County Superintendent