Sonoma County Office of Education

Commuter Benefits Program

A woman gets in car with another person to carpoolSCOE participates in the Bay Area Commuter Benefits Program. This is an initiative designed to reward employees who help reduce air pollution and traffic congestion by decreasing single-occupant commute trips. The program provides financial incentives for employees who help reduce air pollution and traffic congestion by carpooling or bicycling to work.

Thank you for your participation in this program. By carpooling and biking to work, you are helping reduce traffic congestion and protect the environment.

Who can participate

All SCOE employees are eligible for this voluntary program.

What are the financial incentives?

Employees who carpool to work are eligible for a financial reward of $3 per day for each day that they carpool. Employees who ride a bicycle to work at least 10 times per month are eligible for a financial reward of $20 per month.

How do I sign up?

To participate, employees should follow the these steps.

  • Register on the SCOE Commuter Benefit Login Page, which is part of the 511 system. Look for the Register Here button to create your profile and password.
  • When you create your profile, indicate how you plan to commute and whether you would like to participate in the 511 ride-matching or bike buddy service.
  • Your 511 account will provide a Trip Diary for recording your commuting trips. Log into your 511 account to record your trips in the Trip Diary no later than the last working day of the month. (It is recommended that you record your trips weekly.) You must complete your monthly Trip Diary to receive the incentives paid by SCOE.

How do I receive my commute reward?

At the end of each month, SCOE will verify the information in your Trip Diary and issue a supplemental paycheck for the reward amount you are due. Note that it may take up to 60 days for your reward to be processed. The supplemental paycheck that includes your commute reward will be taxed. Please check with your tax advisor for any potential tax benefit for these commuter subsidies.

Is there anything else I need to know?

The 511 system provides some additional rewards for participating commuters. These incentives are provided by various vendors and agencies in Sonoma County and are not funded by SCOE.

This program replaces the alternative transportation program that was previously in place at SCOE and complies with current California Government Code requirements that enacted a regional commuter benefits ordinance for the Bay Area, including Sonoma County.