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SCOE/SEIU Labor Management Committee

SCOE and the Service Employees International Union, Local 1021 (SEIU) have an ongoing labor-management committee that deals with issues that are not covered by the bargaining group contract. SLMC stands for the SCOE/SEIU Labor Management Committee. It is comprised of representatives appointed by SEIU and by SCOE.

This committee addresses issues such as work effectiveness, work distribution, and work flow. Some of the specific issues the SLMC has dealt with in the past include technology training opportunities for employees, attendance and leave reporting systems, restroom access, the classified hiring process, building security, food resources, staff room usage, and holidays for teaching assistants.

The contract between SCOE and SEIU is normally modified only during negotiations, so the SLMC is not authorized to change the existing contract except by mutual agreement. The SLMC does not have the authority to change wages, modify fringe benefits, or handle grievances, but this still leaves many areas for the committee to consider.

The SLMC meets monthly, normally on the fourth Thursday of the month, at 9:00am in the Human Resources conference room.

Submitting Input

Employees who wish to bring an issue or concern to the attention of the SLMC should complete this simple Input Form (pdf) and forward it to any representative serving on the committee.

Once an employee submits an Input Form, the committee will decide if the issue is appropriate for its consideration. Committee members will collect needed information about the issue and brainstorm possible solutions, then evaluate the solutions to develop a recommendation. Members are trained in interest-based problem-solving techniques, which they utilize as appropriate. Committee recommendations are submitted to the County Superintendent, who makes a final decision regarding the issue.

If an issue is not an appropriate topic for the SLMC, the employee will be notified and given suggestions on how the issue might be resolved—for example, through contract negotiations, grievance procedure, or Personnel Commission action.

Meeting Minutes

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Committee Members

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