Sonoma County Office of Education

Custom Services

Recognizing that schools and districts often have unique professional development needs, SCOE staff are available to provide customized services in a wide range of topic areas and formats.

SCOE offers customized services to support educational excellence in Sonoma County schools and districts. By using SCOE’s custom service option, your school or district can access deeper level support in areas of key importance and address the specific needs of your staff, students, and program operations. A nominal fee is charged.

Services can be tailored to help your site meet the complex challenge of transitioning to the California Content Standards, a new assessment system, and 21st century learning practices. Recognizing that the best venue for accessing support may be your own school or district, staff can provide site-based services in a variety of topic areas and formats. If preferred, services can also be provided in SCOE’s updated classrooms, Design Lab, or at an outdoor location using the Mobile Learning Lab.

Fee Structure

The chart below outlines the fee for service. Included are one provider, the provider’s preparation time, and most materials. The fee for other service formats are quoted on a case-by-case basis. There is a minimum of 2 hours for weekday service and 4 hours for weekend service. If payment is an issue for a client school district, alternative methods of offering services can be discussed.

Full Day (5-8 hours) Weekday $600
Partial Day (2-4 hours) Weekday $400
Partial Day (2 hours) Weekday $250
Full Day (5-8 hours) Weekend $700
Partial Day (4 hours) Weekend $500
Parent Education (1-2 hours) Evening $200

How it Works

Define your needs, then complete a Request for Services. Upon receipt of your request, staff from the Instructional Division at SCOE will contact you to discuss the specifics of the service. A written agreement between the district and SCOE will be developed, then services will be provided. SCOE requests that districts provide feedback on the service after it is completed.