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Our state has the largest number of English learners in the country. More than 20 percent of California’s K-12 students are designated as English learners, with over 60 language groups represented. The state recognizes that English learners have a double curricular load: they must become proficient in academic English and they must learn the same rigorous academic content required of all students in California. Because they are learning English as an additional language, they require specialized instructional support to ensure that they simultaneously develop academic English and have full access to a rich curriculum across the disciplines.

The Figures in the ELA/ELD Framework referenced below directly address the topic of specialized instructional support for English learners. These resources may be useful for various stakeholders, including teachers, administrators, coaches, school board members, parents, and community members.

Figure Title Number Chapter  Pages  
Values for Educating ELs I.2 Introduction 16
Integrated and Designated ELD 1.7 1 24
Three Premises of the CA ELD Standards 1.8 1 25
CA ELD Standards Goal and Critical Principles 1.9 1 28
English Language Proficiency Levels and General Extent of Support 1.11 1 31-32
Structure of the CA ELD Standards 1.12 1 35
Selected CA ELD Standards–Part 1, Standard 10 (Writing) 1.14 1 39-40
Academic Language 2.12 2 41-42
Categories of Vocabulary 2.13 2 44
Understanding Register 2.14 2 45-46
Structures for Engaging All Students in Academic Conversations 2.15 2 49-51
General Progression in the CA ELD Standards ELD Continuum 2.18 2 76-77
Three Interrelated Areas of Comprehensive ELD 2.20 2 87
Sentence Unpacking 2.21 2 91
Sentence Deconstruction Focusing on Structure and Meaning 2.22 2 93
Essential Features of Designated ELD Instruction 2.23 2 95-96
Student Annotated Writing Sample Using the CA ELD Standards 8.8 8 45
ELPAC Conceptual Model 8.11 8 62
California Education Code Definition of Long-term English Learner 9.2 9 16
Instructional Characteristics in Programs for English Learners 9.3 9 18-19
CCR Anchor Standards and CA ELD Standards and Selected Grade-Level/Proficiency Level Standards with Explicit Technology Components 10.9 10 22-24
Addressing the Unique Needs of ELs 11.4 11 19-20
Framing Questions for Lesson Planning 11.5 11 24
Sample District Wide Plan for Monitoring ELD Progress 11.7 11 30-32
Principles and Guidance for Parent Involvement 11.9 11 18-40
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