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Innovation & Partnerships

Innovation & Partnerships

If there’s one certainty about the future that our young people will live into, it’s that it is uncertain. Students in today’s classrooms, and the generations to follow, will face dynamic and unpredictable challenges and have ever-increasing access to new and emerging technologies with which to confront these challenges.

This new era of work and life calls for individuals who are curious learners and skilled in the areas of creative problem-solving, collaboration, and communication. It requires leaders with empathy, ethics, and initiative.

Given this reality, it is imperative that educators think critically about the kinds of learning experiences that will best prepare our students for the career and citizenship demands of this rapidly changing world. We need to explore how to engage and inspire students, how to help them advance in distinctive ways, how to prepare them to thrive.

SCOE’s Educational Support Services Department offers support, resources, professional learning opportunities, and custom services that promote shifts in teaching and learning to foster increased student agency, greater student engagement, and authentic learning experiences connected to the world beyond school that will help prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s world.