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2019-20 Administrators' Kickoff Events and Conferences 09/12/2019
Activating Critical Thinking and Collaboration Through Drama and Literature 21st Century Learning 03/03/2020
Best Practices in Budgeting Other Opportunities 09/13/2019
Bringing Lessons to Life: Exploring Science and Social Studies through Movement 21st Century Learning 12/03/2019
Building a Better IEP SELPA 08/28/2019
Building a Better IEP SELPA 09/24/2019
Building a Better IEP SELPA 10/23/2019
CDE Webinar Data Collection Restraint and Seclusion CALPADS 08/30/2019
Childcare Informational Summit Other Opportunities 10/10/2019
Communication Severity Scales (CCS) SELPA 10/02/2019
Compliance and Implementation of Services and Supports for English Learners EL Workshops 10/16/2019
Counselor Collaborative: Fall 2019 Convening Career and College Readiness 10/29/2019
Counselor Collaborative: Spring 2020 Convening Career and College Readiness 04/07/2020
Diagnostic Center North: ADHD: What It Is, What It Isn't, and What To Do About It SELPA 09/05/2019
Diagnostic Center North: CA Dyslexia Guidelines - Next Steps SELPA 10/01/2019
Diagnostic Center North: Creating an Effective Behavior Intervention Plan: Writing a plan with appropriate replacement behaviors and reinforcement systems. SELPA 08/29/2019
Diagnostic Center North: For Paraeducators: Behavior Supports in the Classroom: How to Implement Effective Reinforcement Strategies SELPA 03/11/2020
Diagnostic Center North: For Teachers - Creating a Safe and Supportive Learning Environment: Implementing Environmental Based Strategies to address Students Struggling with Mental Health Concerns at the Tier 1 and 2 Levels SELPA 03/11/2020
Diagnostic Center North: Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in the age of MTSS SELPA 10/01/2019
Early Childhood English Language Development: A Recipe for Success Preschool 12/02/2019
EL Collaborative, 2019-20 EL Workshops 09/17/2019
ELD Standards Institute EL Workshops 09/10/2019
English Learner Leadership Conference EL Workshops 01/10/2020
English Learner Parent Leadership Institute EL Workshops 02/07/2020
English Learners in the TK and Preschool Classroom: Strategies that Work EL Workshops 11/18/2019
ERWC 3.0 Introductory Workshop - Professional Learning Common Core 01/30/2020
ERWC 3.0 Update - Professional Learning Common Core 09/17/2019
Escape - HR/Payroll User Group Escape Training 09/09/2019
Evaluations, Investigations and Documentation of Employees Other Opportunities 10/02/2019
Fiscal Aspects of Negotiations Other Opportunities 10/01/2019
Fostering Relationships in Early Childhood with Family, Teachers, Careproviders and Friends Preschool 10/09/2019
Laying the Foundation: Intro to Arts Integration 21st Century Learning 09/26/2019
Managing Serious Behavior (MSB) SELPA 09/10/2019
Northern California Project-Based Learning (PBL) Improvement Academy Career and College Readiness 09/23/2019
Play Me a Book! 21st Century Learning 04/08/2020
Preparing for a Public Safety Power Shutoff at your School Other Opportunities 09/09/2019
Safe Schools Conference Other Opportunities 09/26/2019
SEIS Teacher-Level Refresher SELPA 09/26/2019
SEIS - Beginning Level Teacher Training SELPA 08/26/2019
SEIS - CALPADS Webinar SELPA 09/12/2019
SEIS - Data Technician Workshop SELPA 09/18/2019
SEIS Refresher Course SELPA 08/27/2019
Sonoma County Young Makers' Network Design Lab 10/10/2019
Student Immunizations: Legal Issues & New Legislation Events and Conferences 11/14/2019
Substitute Orientation Other Opportunities 08/29/2019
Substitute Orientation Other Opportunities 09/10/2019
The Diagnostic Center North: A Series - Completing a Functional Behavior Assessment to Determine Effective Interventions for Problem Behavior - Part 1 SELPA 08/29/2019
Think Like a Scientist with Visual Art 21st Century Learning 01/30/2020
TK Network 2019-20 (January Session) Transitional Kindergarten 01/14/2020
TK Network 2019-20 (March Session) Transitional Kindergarten 03/03/2020
TK Network 2019-20 (May Session) Transitional Kindergarten 05/05/2020
TK Network 2019-20 (November Session) Transitional Kindergarten 11/05/2019
TK Network 2019-20 (September Session) Transitional Kindergarten 09/10/2019
Traveling to the Past: Trick Photography for Historians and Writers 21st Century Learning 10/22/2019
Understanding the Importance of Play in Early Education Preschool 04/09/2020
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