Sonoma County Office of Education

Plan Requirements

Each claiming unit must develop and maintain an audit file of comprehensive documents in support of the invoice prior to its submission to DHCS. The audit file can be contained electronically but each claiming unit must ensure documents include the following:

  • Training Materials and information describing when and where training was conducted, who conducted the training, and who attended.
  • Time Survey Participant Lists to verify each available surveyor.
  • Copy of school calendar verifying student attendance days.
  • Medi-Cal Percentage documentation used in the discounted codes
  • Contracts/MOUs for MAA services provided by personnel who are included on the Time Survey Participant List and whose costs will be included in the Invoice
  • Invoice Documents to support all claims on the invoice.
  • Resource Directories used to assist students and families in accessing Medi-Cal services.

All costs claimed on the invoice must be documented and maintained in the audit file. Invoices are submitted each quarter to the LEC/LGA for review and subsequent submission to DHCS.

Time Survey Participant List/Universe

This list provides DHCS with a summary of the claiming unit staff participating in MAA and that all documentation in support of the invoice is on file and available for review. The Time Survey Participant List is certified each quarter and is to include only participants who are claimed on that invoice.