Sonoma County Office of Education

SUMMIT Program: Students Ultimately Maturing and Managing Independence to Transition

The SUMMIT program serves students with autism spectrum disorders and severe disabilities. Through a deep understanding and appreciation of individual differences and needs, our mission is to foster communication skills, social skills, academics/functional academics, and independence. It is through partnerships with families, districts, and the community that we support our students in becoming functional members of the greater community.

Social Cognition K-8

These classes support students with autism spectrum disorders (or similar needs) who have cognitive skills at or near the average range. The focus is on academics, social cognition, and emotional regulation. Utilized curricula include Social Thinking and Zones of Regulation. Visual systems are embedded in the classroom schedule, instruction, and behavior support.

Structured Learning K-8

These classes are designed for students with autism spectrum disorders (or similar needs) who require a highly structured environment, extensive communication training, and routine access to sensory regulation tools. These classes utilize a variety of evidence-based practices including Behavioral Analysis, Differential Reinforcement, TEACCH, Discrete Trial, Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), Pivotal Response Training, and social skills training. Visual systems and assistive technology are utilized to support student success.

Basic Skills K-12

These are classes for students who are impacted by a wide range of disabilities including intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorders, medical challenges, and multiple disabilities. These classes support skill development in communication, social functioning, functional academics, vocational skill development, community participation, daily living, and recreation/leisure activities. We strive to support our students in attaining as much independence in life as possible. Students receive support in daily living skills including eating, toileting, communication, and social skills throughout the school day.


Questions may be directed to:

  • Jennifer Lux, Principal