Sonoma County Office of Education

2021 Virtual Spelling Bee

BeeThe Sonoma County Office of Education coordinates the regional and county elementary Spelling Bees for grade 4-6 students and the county junior high competition for students in grades 7-9. Sonoma County Spelling Bees give students the opportunity to demonstrate their spelling ability, think on their feet, and speak before an audience.

Due to COVID-19 and social distancing spelling bees will be conducted via Zoom platform. If your school would like to participate in this year’s virtual spelling bee, click here by Friday, March 11, 2021 to register. Registered schools will receive an automatic confirmation which will include additional information, ie: next steps, rules, and link to the certification form.

A minimum of ten schools per grade range is required (ten schools in grades 4-6 and ten schools in grades 7-9).


Event Director/Spokesperson:
Dan Blake |

Event Coordinator:
Connie Anderson |