Sonoma County Office of Education

Business Services


Through its Operations unit, Business Services oversees all facilities planning, maintenance and operations, custodial services, fleet operations, risk management, and conference room operations. Staff supervise the use of SCOE facilities, provide oversight for development and implementation of building construction and renovation projects, and oversee facility lease agreements. Custodial and grounds staff ensure the cleanliness and repair of all SCOE facilities.


  • Mary Downey, Deputy Superintendent
    (707) 524-2631,
  • Jennifer Duckhorn, Accounting Technician II
    (707) 524-2625,
  • Joel Rennison, Maintenance Technician
    (707) 524-2625,
  • John Silvestrini, Director, Facilities, Operations, & Maintenance
    (707) 524-2625,
  • Jorge Torres, Maintenance Technician
    (707) 524-2625,