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CCPC Advocacy Priorities (pdf)
CCPC Advocacy Platform (pdf)

Elected Officials

US Congressman Jared Huffman
US Congressman Mike Thompson
US Senator Alex Padilla
US Senator Dianne Feinstein

California Governor Gavin Newsom
Assemblymember Stephanie Nguyen
Assemblymember Jim Wood
State Senator Mike McGuire
State Senator Bill Dodd

Voter Registration

Registering to Vote, Sonoma County Registrar of Voters

Advocacy Resources

California Child Care Coordinators Association
The California Child Care Coordinators Association was formed to promote, support, and improve the coordination of local efforts to provide child care services for children in California.

Center for the Child Care Workforce
The Center for the Child Care Workforce is dedicated to improving the quality of early care and education for all children through advocating for the child care workforce. The Center works at both the state and national level for quality education and compensation for the workforce of child care providers through programs and initiatives that promote a worthy wage and wage incentives, health care benefits, increasing retention rates, and ensuring a structure of opportunities for training and professional development for child care providers.

Child Care Law Center
The Child Care Law Center provides legal resources and advocacy on a wide range of topics affecting child care, focusing their support particularly on families who face difficulties in obtaining quality care. The CCLC is devoted to increasing the supply, affordability, and quality of child care for all children in all communities. Support services include a legal service hotline, educational publications, and training sessions on a wide range of topics. The Child Care Subsides in California Manual is currently being updated. Please check back later.

Children Now
Children Now focuses on advocating for children’s issues and needs as the main public policy at both national and state levels. Based in Oakland, they have campaigns and projects currently under way in a variety of areas from health care and education concerns to the media’s role in children’s lives and supporting parents’ efforts to talk with their children about important issues. Children Now also publishes an annual Report Card, a comprehensive collection of data describing the state of California’s children, as well as numerous other research publications featuring children’s issues.

Children’s Defense Fund
The Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) acts as an advocate for children across the nation, especially those coming from low-income and minority backgrounds, and those with special needs. CDF focuses on educating the public with a comprehensive view of the issues facing children's well-being, including health and health care, education and development, as well as family income and job opportunities; a range of publications and research data on these issues may be accessed from this website. A non-profit, non-governmental organization, CDF also sponsors programs organizing and encouraging citizens’ participation and action in advocating children’s issues both in their communities and with their local and federal representatives.

Advocacy Tools

Zero To Three: How to Write a Letter to the Editor/Opinion Editorial
Zero To Three: Telling the Solutions Story