Sonoma County Office of Education

English Language Development (ELD)

ELD Standards
The English Language Development (ELD) standards help guide curriculum, instruction, and assessment for English learners who are developing the English language skills needed to engage successfully with state subject-matter standards for college- and career-readiness. The new California ELD standards were adopted in November 2012 and are aligned with the Common Core State Standards.

Overview of the ELD Standards
This presentation, created by the California Comprehensive Center at West Ed, is a complete overview of the new 2012 California English Language Development (ELD) standards. In addition to addressing the standards, appendices, and glossary, the presentation also outlines implications that the standards will have on curriculum and instruction.

The ELA/ELD Framework
The ELA/ELD Framework is a groundbreaking document that guides the implementation of two sets of interrelated standards: California’s Common Core Standards for English Language Arts/Literacy and California’s English Language Development (ELD) Standards. The Framework is designed to address the needs of all students, but calls special attention to effective instructional practices and system-wide programs and structures for English learners. SCOE has developed two web pages to provide easy access to resources within the Framework that specifically highlight practices, programs, and structures that address the needs of English learners.