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Long-Term English Learners

Accessing Long-Term English Learner Data

To access district and school-level data about Long Term English Learners, visit DataQuest and conduct a search under “English Learners.”

Secondary School Courses Designed to Address the Language Needs and Academic Gaps of Long Term English Learners

In June 2012, Californians Together and the California Comprehensive Assistance Center at WestEd convened a group of educators. From throughout the state, 38 administrators and teachers representing 24 school districts participated in the “Culling the Knowledge: Courses for Long Term English Learners” forum. The purpose was to articulate the collecting emerging knowledge base about how to design and implement effective courses that meet Long Term English Learners’ needs, and to use the lessons learned as guidance for the field. This report shares those lessons.


Reparable Harm (pdf)

This report by Dr. Laurie Olsen describes the results of a 40-district survey on “long-term English learners” (LTELs) in California. The report calls on state policymakers and leaders to provide solutions and outlines basic principles and promising approaches for school districts to meet the needs of English Learners more effectively.

California Assembly Bill 2193

Approved in September 2012, AB 2193 defines “long-term English learner” and “English learner at risk of becoming a long-term English learner” and requires the State Department of Education to annually report on the number of pupils in each school district and school who are, or are at risk of becoming, long-term English learners.