Sonoma County Office of Education

ELA/ELD Framework

The ELA/ELD Framework is a groundbreaking document that guides the implementation of two sets of interrelated standards: California’s Common Core Standards for English Language Arts/Literacy and California’s English Language Development (ELD) Standards. The Framework is designed to address the needs of all students, but calls special attention to effective instructional practices and system-wide programs and structures for English learners.

SCOE has developed two web pages to provide easy access to resources within the Framework that specifically highlight practices, programs, and structures that address the needs of English learners. These resources are excerpted from the draft Framework. Resources from the final, July 2015 version of the Framework are under development and will be posted in the early fall of 2015, reflecting updated pages, chapters and any new content.

  • Framework Snapshots & Vignettes
    The ELA/ELD Framework offers a glimpse into classroom instruction through the use of snapshots and vignettes. Snapshots provide a quick overview of classroom instruction and are short in length. Vignettes provide a closer look at classroom instruction by giving details and summarizing dialogue. The Framework contains various types of snapshots and vignettes, many of which highlight Integrated and Designated ELD.
  • Framework Figures
    The Figures in the ELA/ELD Framework directly address the topic of specialized instructional support for English learners. These resources may be useful for various stakeholders, including teachers, administrators, coaches, school board members, parents, and community members.


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