Sonoma County Office of Education

Technology for Learners

K-12 Tech Topics

This is an index of the K-12 technology topics addressed in the Technology for Learners blog posts written by Rick Phelan.

Assistive Technology
12/22/17   Linking SBAC Accessibility Tools with Daily Learning
10/18/16   Promoting Access and Expression with Technology
07/28/14   Google Chrome: Powerful Assistive Technology Resource
05/28/13   Success for All Students: Assistive Technology

Blended Learning
08/12/14   Blended Learning: Tips for Success with Online Learning
04/03/13   Blended Learning: Innovation in Education

Career Path Planning
04/08/14   Jobs Made Real Website

Common Core Standards
10/07/14   Formative Assessment: Key Strategy for CCSS Success
09/11/13   Common Core State Standards: Options for Professional Learning

Data & Assessment
02/05/17   Launch of California School Dashboard
09/28/16   California's New Accountability System Taking Shape
05/26/16   2016 Smarter Balanced Assessment Reporting
11/06/15   Guiding 2015-16 CAASPP Activities
10/08/15   Help with Early Assessment Program Advisement
07/29/15   California High School Exit Exam Status
05/29/15   State Accountability Metrics in Transition
12/09/14   Distinguished Educator Discusses Role of Formative Assessment
11/07/13   Nine local districts use Illuminate to guide CCSS transition
10/14/13   AB 484 Advances use of Technology in K-12 Schools
05/29/13   Schools Receive Academic Progress Rankings
03/21/13   Data-Driven Decision-Making: The Art & Science of Teaching
03/18/13   Pushing the Envelope: Technology & the New Assessments

Digital Citizenship/CyberSafety
03/21/17   Information Literacy and Critical Thinking
07/28/16   Help Managing Mobile Technology & Perspective from Sherry Turkle
06/30/15   Personal Information & Privacy in the Information Age
03/13/15   Digital Citizenship Evenings: Connecting Parents and Educators
08/26/14   2014-15 Monthly Digital Citizenship Curriculum
04/01/14   Digital Citizenship: Excellent Resources from Common Sense Media
02/19/14   Should schools monitor students’ social media posts?
08/14/13   Guiding Young Children’s Access to Digital Media
04/24/13   Cybersafety: Finding Balance and Building Responsibility
03/19/13   Information Literacy Skills are More Important Than Ever

Digital Learning Resources
10/04/15   Prepare for the 2015 Hour of Code
06/24/13   Digital Learning Resources: Materials for K-12 Classrooms
06/10/13   Virtual Learning Spaces: Moodle

iPads/iOS Devices
11/26/14   Amazing Augmented Reality Apps
10/02/14   Five Terrific Apps to Support Number Sense, Grades K-4
05/23/14   Methods for Projecting your iPad Screen
03/17/14   Outstanding iPad App: Exploriments’ Simple Circuits
10/28/13   iOS 7 Tips and Tricks
09/06/13   Awesome iPad Apps for K-5 Classrooms
05/16/13   iPads in the Classroom: Finding Excellent Learning Apps
04/13/13   Notes & Resources: 2013 iPad Symposium
04/10/13   GarageBand: Incredible Music Technology for Schools

Lesson Design & Technology Integration
04/20/15   Minecraft: A New Twist on California Mission Projects
03/02/15   Guiding the Development of Information Literacy Skills
12/10/14   Video Conferencing: California State Park PORTS Program
11/12/14   Be Part of This Year’s Hour of Code
09/30/14   Interactive Video Conferencing: Science & Arts Field Trips
07/08/14   Computer Games in K-12 Education
10/04/13   Designing Effective Activities Integrating Technology

07/03/17   Discover Chrome Music Lab
04/10/13   GarageBand: Incredible Music Technology for Schools

06/12/13   Innovative Partnership: Napa Learns

Professional Development
02/18/15   New Ways to Enhance Professional Learning Communities

Robotics & Coding
12/14/16   High School Coding Contest Results
11/22/15   Robotics at Maria Carrillo High- Student Voice in Action
05/29/15   Summer Coding and Robotics Activities for Kids
03/31/15   Robotics Programs at Cotati-Rohnert Park’s Technology High
11/12/13   Creating a New Generation of Innovators: FIRST Robotics Program
07/19/13   Future Watch: Consumer Robots

Smarter Balanced Assessments
12/22/17   Linking SBAC Accessibility Tools with Daily Learning
11/12/17   Guiding 2017-18 CAASPP Activities
05/26/16   2016 Smarter Balanced Assessment Reporting
02/26/16   2016 Test Administrator Supports
11/06/15   Guiding 2015-16 CAASPP Activities
01/02/15   Helping Parents Understand California’s New Assessments
07/10/14   SBAC Digital Library: Preview Accounts Available
06/09/14   Smarter Balanced Field Test Recap
03/10/14   Promoting Understanding of the SBAC Field Test
02/11/14   Tools & Resources for SBAC Field Test Preparation
01/15/14   Understanding Performance Tasks
11/18/13   Preparing for the Smarter Balanced Field Tests
08/21/13   Formative Assessment
07/24/13   New View of Student Learning Potential
07/10/13   Transition to SBAC: Checklist for School Leaders
06/03/13   Smarter Balanced Practice Tests: Leaping In!
05/01/13   Student Impressions of SBAC Testing

Sonoma County Spotlight
4/23/18   Closing Sonoma County's Digital Divide
12/3/16   Breakout EDU- Activating Collaboration & Critical Thinking
6/9/16   5th Grade Connections from Russia
11/22/15   Robotics at Maria Carrillo- Student Voice in Action
08/08/15   RVUSD Summer Tech Institutes
07/12/15   New Active Learning Environments in Petaluma City Schools
04/20/15   Minecraft: A New Twist on California Mission Projects
03/31/15   Robotics Programs at Cotati-Rohnert Park’s Technology High
01/22/14   Mark West Elementary Combines Website & Watershed Learning
10/21/14   Healdsburg High School’s Computer Science Program
02/04/14   Minecraft at Cotati-Rohnert Park’s Technology Middle School
12/10/13   Prestwood Teacher Codes with Kindergartners
12/02/13   Petaluma’s 6th Grade Academy, a 1:1 Pioneer
09/24/13   Steve Williams, Santa Rosa Accelerated Charter School
03/28/13   Digital Media Class Inspires Creativity with 21st Century Tools

Technology Planning
07/06/16   Ten Technology ‘Take Aways’ from the 2016 ISTE Conference
07/14/15   Horizon Project: 2015 Trends in Technology for K-12 Education
04/30/15   Bellevue IT Director Articulates One-to-One Technology Needs
05/19/14   Book Review: The Second Machine Age
03/11/13   Establishing a Vision for Technology in Learning

Technology Purchasing
06/11/15   Data Projectors or Flat Screen Televisions? Old Adobe’s Perspective
11/25/14   Take a Test Drive: Tech Devices & Activities
09/15/14   Digital Fabrication Tools
08/04/14   Tablet Accessory Suggestions
06/25/14   Nexus 7 Android Tablet Review
04/15/14   Evaluating your Windows XP Vulnerability
08/05/13   School Purchases: Chromebooks, Tablets or Laptops
07/15/13   Total Cost of Ownership
05/08/13   Technology Purchase Tips: Try Before You Buy
03/04/13   Six Key Elements for School Technology