Sonoma County Office of Education

CCPC Purpose

The Council was established in 1991 in accordance with state law Assembly Bill 2141 to provide a forum for the identification of local priorities for child care and to develop policies to meet the needs identified within these priorities. Increased funding and expanded mandates were awarded in 1998 during the implementation of CalWORKS and Assembly Bill 1542. These mandates include:

  • Conducting a local child care needs assessment
  • Submitting a countywide comprehensive child care plan to the County Superintendent of Schools, County Board of Supervisors, and State Department of Education
  • Establishing local priorities for child care funding, according to State policy and guidance
  • Enhancing collaboration and partnerships in the child care community to meet local needs
  • Linking part-day programs to provide full-day care

The Child Care Planning Council is sanctioned by the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors and Sonoma County Superintendent of Schools, and is governed by State mandates, CCPC Bylaws, and the Brown Act. CCPC endeavors to convene all those concerned with child care issues in community forums and meetings in order to improve and sustain valuable, quality child care programs and opportunities for families.